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“The Loveliest Girl in the World is a stunningly beautiful book.
In these fantasy-like pictures young women reveal the most hidden and
fragile sides of themselves. There are no problem children
in foster homes but fairies.”


“ A fantastic photography book! This epic book is astonishing
and breathtaking. The pictures are like a fantasy, but they are real.
Material choices are successful and printing work is near perfect.
The Loveliest Girl in the world is the most perfect photography book
I have ever seen - and it is a part of an even greater project.”


A bestseller book of the photography art project The Loveliest Girl In The World tells a touching growth story about becoming visible and accepting oneself. It is a story about the right of everyone to be unique and special. Every one of us is entitled to feel ourselves precious and beloved.

The book is based on the decade-lasting project undertaken by photographer and art and social educator Miina Savolainen and ten girls from a childern´s home. In the pictures the young have been able to see themselves as strong and whole. The maltreated child can be under the shelter of the immensity of the nature.

The text and photographs are by Miina Savolainen. The feelings and experiences of ten girls who have grown up in a children’s home carries the story forward. 

The fascinating, beautiful book is like an old fairytale book with its hand-made graphics. The book includes over 140 colour pictures. The pictures present Finnish nature amazingly beautiful. Every lovely girl has their own visual world in the book. It has been created by Miina Savolainen with graphic designer Minna Luoma and printmaker Pia Lång.

The book is 216-page, hard-covered and thread-sealed (287mmx240mm). The book is bilingual (Finnish & English).

The price of the book is 48 euros + shipping fees outside Finland. The shipping fees inside Finland are included to the price.

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